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How Can You Contribute

You may contribute as an Instructor/TrainerTeaching Assistantor Author.

Instructors/Trainers are the backbone of TCP/IP Academy. They are Industry experts, professional trainers, or technical consultants in their respective IT domains. They are subject matter experts and have a deep passion to share their knowledge by publishing videos/courses.

Teaching Assistants are the heroes that support Instructors & fellow teaching assistants. They help Instructors in preparing for articles/notes/videos by getting materials ready. They also get the opportunity to hone their teaching skills by translating already published content/courses into another language.

Authors are the industry experts, consultants, or subject matter experts who would contribute by writing quality articles, that are the backbone of this website. Besides, they could also be Instructors/Trainers at the same time.


You may contact us to submit your expression of interest to publish articles/videos. Please mention your :

  • Full Name
  • Short Introduction
  • Domain Expertise / Intended Area of Contribution

As soon as we receive your email, we will do a quick review and contact you.

Rules for Publishing Content


We at TCP/IP Academy, spend a lot of time and put our efforts to publish easy & quality content for all our valued readers.

  • Please do not copy the content from any other source.
  • The same rule goes for images. Please do not use any IMAGES copied from other websites. If you have to use Royalty-Free / Paid Images, please let us know in advance.
  • We follow a strict policy of removing the content right away if we find that the content/images used in Articles / Videos are taken from any other source.
  • No duplication of content is allowed. If you have published content here on TCP/IP Academy, it must not be reproduced anywhere else including your own website/blog and vice versa.
    • We welcome backlinks and links to our website.
  • We will help our Authors, Instructors with whatever possible support they need. For instance, we will help them in
    • Designing Images for the articles.
    • Formatting, Publishing, and SEO of their articles.
    • Creating Powerpoint slides for the courses.
    • Editing Videos for the courses.

Further details on writing content including formatting guidelines will be sent to your email address.

Your approved articles and videos will be published with your Name.


  • Providing your feedback to improve this website further. Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.
  • Sharing articles and videos with your friends and colleagues on social media platforms.

Do you have any suggestion(s) or want to share any idea? We would love to hear.

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