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My name is Raees Khan.

I am an experienced network engineer with more than 11 years of experience in the implementation, support, and designing of networking projects. I am CCIE #41846, HCIE #4489, JNCP, PCNSE certified. I am a passionate teacher with an extensive teaching background in networking courses. My motivation to launch TCP/IP Academy comes from my former students who have got technical skills from my in-person trainings and succeeded in their lives. Learn with me to get the required skills to become a Better Network Engineer that companies love to hire.

Step-By-Step, Concise, Clear, and Comprehensive Lessons.

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Easy Linux For Network Engineers

Learn Linux skills that are a must for any Network Engineer, Administrator, or Architect.

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Easy CCNA (200-301)

Learn Network, Security, and Automation skills required for a network engineer.

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Blog Posts

Install Python on Windows 10
Install Python on Windows 10

Step by step guide to install python on Windows 10. Verify Python installation. Disable path length limit and set environment variable for Python.

Major Open Source Applications
Major Open Source Applications

Open-source software and applications are free, stable, and secure. For all types of open-source applications, the original source code is available.

Linux Distributions
Linux Distributions

A Linux Distribution is an OS with collection of software on top of Linux kernel. Community vs Enterprise Linux Distros. RPM vs Debian Based Linux Distros.

Introduction to Linux
Introduction to Linux

Introduction to Linux – Learn the history and Timeline of Linux operating system which runs on top 500 supercomputers of the world.

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